Housesitting: A Pet’s Perspective

Hi there. My name’s Rex. My brother Rufus and I are our parents’ favorite children. When they and our two human brothers go on vacation, though, we have to stay behind. Even though we miss them when they are gone, we are happy they let us live at home. One time we spent three weeks in a kennel, but we slept on a cold, hard floor, Rufus got bit by another dog, and the food was just ‘blech’.

Our mom cried the whole time they dropped us off at the kennel, and again when they finally picked us back up. They never brought us there again. Once they had our aunt come over every day, which was better, but one day she had a meeting and didn’t come to feed us until almost midnight! We ignored her for a whole day after that.

housesit dog

Ever since then, we have friends come stay with us called housesitters. They live in our house with us full time and we get to show them around the neighborhood on little tours every day. They feed us, and play with us, and even though it’s not the same as with our parents, we usually have a really good time with them. Plus, we sleep in our normal spots right at the foot of the bed on the warm carpet eat our delicious food and hang out with the other dogs in the ‘hood.

(Hey guys, this is Rufus here. I just wanted to pipe in and say that Rex sure sounds like he loves having housesitters but he was a big baby the first time we had them and tried to sneak up on the couch almost every day, even though we know better. But know our parents warn the housesitters beforehand about us being on the furniture, so he doesn’t get away with that any more. I let him think he’s giving the tours in the neighborhood so he feels important, but it’s really me they’re following around.)

Apparently, we are a ‘handful’. We do need a lot of attention. Only true animal lovers are allowed to stay in the house, and people have to prove it before they can come care for us. We take two long walks a day and drag whoever is home out into the yard for another hour and make them throw a Frisbee around. We also love to give shout outs to our friends whenever they pass by the house and Rufus and I compete to see who can say ‘Hi’ the loudest. Mom says we’re very ‘full on’. I say we’re pretty much the best dogs on earth.

housesit dog mexicoOh, and we love to eat. I mean we inhale that first bowl of food in the morning and usually get fed again when you have dinner. We don’t beg too much, but give us a nice rawhide bone and we’ll leave you in peace for a good hour while we gnaw it down.

By the way, everybody thinks we don’t understand you, but we know when you don’t really like us. We sense it and Rufus lost his appetite once for a week when a housesitter we had treated us like a pain in the neck, and he even ran away once to our friend’s house hoping to play there until our parents came back (they made him come home again, though).

So, if you want to be our housesitter, please remember how important it is to us that you really love animals, and in our case big, lovable dogs, and you’re willing to take on all the responsibility that comes with caring for us before applying to come stay at our house – we are the most important part of the housesit, after all.

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