The advantages of housesitting: The homeowners’ perspective

Housesitting: An all-around Win-Win 

The thing that makes us the most enthusiastic about housesitting is the fact that, when done correctly, everyone wins.

This is the first of a two-part post on all the advantages that housesitting offers – for housesitters and for homeowners.

Advantages for homeowners:

1. Take a longer vacation

You own a home. You have roots and responsibilities. You can’t just go away for a longer period of time, can you? Yes! If you invite a housesitter to stay in your house, suddenly all those longer trips you wanted to take become possible. That month in Europe you never took in your early 20s or a return trip to see how things have changed since then. Take that trip around the country in an RV camper van, spend two weeks in Peru hiking Macchu Picchu, or even six months on the beaches of Thailand. You make the rules and only those housesitters who fit the description apply.
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2. Peace of mind 

Knowing someone is in the house while you are away means a stress free getaway. Whether you take that long trip or your family is just taking the annual vacation, you know your house is safe, and that if anything goes wrong, someone is there to deal with it.

3. Save money

You don’t need to pay the neighbor boy to come pick up the paper, the mail, walk and the dog and mow the lawn. Housesitters do all that, plus deal with any packages, workers and issues that arise. All for free.

4. Keep your pets happy

You also save the cost and stress of kenneling your pets. You can be happy knowing that while you are on holiday, your pets are happy and healthy at home, rather than in a kennel missing you. Housesitters feed, pet and play with your animals, give them medicine, remove ticks and keep them happy while you’re away.

5. Safe House

Simply put – having a housesitter is just about the best theft-deterrent out there. You leave, but your house is still lived in. Forget automatic timers on lights. Instead, you have people coming in and out all the time. Rather than becoming a target, your house remains off the radar to thieves who take advantage of empty house.

Read on to find out why a housesitter would want to stay in your home in Part II of this post.

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