The housesitting directory: An overview of all major housesitting websites

There are well over twenty websites that match homeowners with housesitters. Below you can find a listing of all major housesitting websites including their annual fees, which countries they are good for, and some general information.

Global housesits

We have found found most of our housesitting gigs through, including housesits in Costa Rica, Canada, Thailand,the U.S. and Mexico.

There are plenty of new housesits on the site every single day – primarily for the U.S.A. and Australia, followed by Canada and New Zealand, and a smaller number of housesits from all over the world. Make sure to sign up for daily email alerts for the countries you’re interested in so that you get notifications of new assignments every day.

Annual fee: US$50.00 for housesitters, free for homeowners

We have found housesitting gigs in Germany, Malaysia and Italy on The site is the best source for housesitting gigs in Europe – especially the UK, but there are also assignments for the U.S. and Canada, and some assignments for the rest of the world (we have come across some great gigs for Costa Rica and Ecuador here).

Annual fee: US$20.00 for housesitters, free for homeowners

We have found mainly housesitting assignments in the UK on Trustedhousesitters. To a smaller account there are housesits in the rest of Europe, like Italy, Spain and France, and occasionally there are assignments in the U.S., Canada and in New Zealand.

Note: If you join TrustedHousesitters with this referral code, you’ll get 20% off your membership fee!

Annual fee: US$99.00 for both housesitters and homeowners

Nomador is a fast growing housesitting platform with currently just under 25,000 members. The site allows you to send three applications for free before committing to a membership and the homes listed are spread all over the globe – I saw housesits for Peru, Malaysia, England, France, Canada and the U.S. (to name just a few) when I was browsing the site. Since Nomador is France-based, it has the highest number of housesits in France I’ve seen on any of the housesitting websites!

Annual fee: $89, but 3 applications can be sent before committing to an annual membership.


HousesitWorld Australia is the part of HousesitWorld that was started in Australia in 1999. You can find housesits all over Australia. Housesitters can put up an ad for the location they are looking to housesit in, and homeowners can scroll through the listings and contact potential housesitters directly or put an ad up and wait for applications.

Annual fee: AUD50.00 for housesitters, free for homeowners

Happy House Sitters Australia focuses on housesitting in Australia. The family-run service has been online since 1999, and users can choose to sign up for all of Australia or only the state they are looking to housesit in. Homeowners can either place a free ad or look through the housesitter listings for a suitable candidate. Housesitters can choose to either reply to ads or wait to be contacted directly by a homeowner.

Annual fee: AUD69.00 per year for housesitters, free for homeowners

AussieHousesitters  has primarily housesitting assignments in Australia, but also some in New Zealand. Homeowners can put up an ad with the details of the housesit, or search for housesitters by state. Housesitters can search for a housesit by location, length or latest assignments or wait to be contacted by a homeowner.

Annual fee: AUD65.00 for housesitters, free for homeowners

HousesittersAustralia is dedicated to housesitting in Australia. Homeowners can sign up for free and place an ad or simply look in the housesitter database for a suitable candidate. Housesitters are able to search for housesits by state and apply for a sit or wait to be contacted by a homeowner directly.

Annual fee: AUD15.00 – special offer, limited time only! for housesitters, free for homeowners

MindAHome connects homeowners and housesitters in Australia. Housesitters can search for housesits by state once they have registered, and homeowners can either put up an ad or look for suitable housesitters by location on the website.

Annual fee: AUD49.00 for housesitters, free for homeowners

Australian Housesitter is another website dedicated to housesitting in Australia. Homeowners can register for free and put up an ad for the housesitting assignment, and housesitters can set up a profile with their availability, experience and location. Housesitters can either scroll through the listings or be contacted by homeowners directly.

Annual fee: AUD30.00 for housesitters, free for homeowners

Easy Housesitting

Easyhousesitting is a completely free housesitting service that allows homeowner as well as housesitters to put up ads (for free). Housesitters state their available dates, the states they’d be willing to housesit in and some other information, such as an ‘About Me’, their experience, and their occupation. Homeowners say when and where they need a sitter, for how long, what kind of pets are involved and what other responsibilities are part of the assignment. Sitters and owners can set up a free account, search for available sitters/sits (filtered by dates, location, duration) and get in touch with each other directly through the site.

Annual fee: It’s FREE!

New Zealand

Kiwi Housesitters is a website dedicated to housesitting in New Zealand. Housesitters can look for housesits advertised on the website or homeowners can housesitters who are registered directly and inquire if they are available for the time they are away.

Annual fee: NZ$65.00 for housesitters, free for homeowners

Homesit NZ is a New Zealand-based housesitting service. Homeowners can request a housesitter for the time they are away, and Homesit NZ will select a couple of suitable candidates for them, from which they get to choose the one they like best.

Annual fee: Fees are paid by the homeowners and depend on the length of the assignment.

Town and country homesit is a personalized housesitting service by Lisa McFarlane Clark, who puts housesitters in touch with homeowners. Homeowners can request a housesitter for the time they are away, which Lisa selects from a pool of housesitters who are all experienced and thoroughly checked beforehand.

Annual fee: –

All House Sitters is a new housesitting platform for New Zealand, currently free of charge for both housesitters and homeowners! I saw quite a few interesting listings on the website – definitely worth checking out if you’re planning to housesit in New Zealand.

Annual fee: Currently offering 12 month membership free for housesitters; free for homeowners

United States

HousesittersAmerica is dedicated to housesitting across the United States and sitters can easily state their availability in a calendar in their profile. There are over 3,900 homeowners registered with the site and you housesitters can search for housesits by location or date.

Annual fee: US$30 for housesitters, free for homeowners

United Kingdom

Housesitters UK is a new housesitting website which focuses on the housesitting market in the UK. Housesitters can search for the latest ads and contact owners directly, or homeowners can search for suitable housesitters directly.

Annual fee: £15 for housesitters, free for homeowners

France does not solely offer housesits in France, but has the highest number of housesitting opportunities available in France that I’ve seen so far. There is also a French version of the website for Francophiles!

Fee: $35 per quarter or $89 per year for sitters, free for homeowners


A new platform for housesits exclusively in Portugal, established in 2015. I personally haven’t used it yet and there don’t seem to be a lot of sits on there right now, but it might be worth keeping an eye on the site.

Annual fee: free to register

Other sites

As the name indicates, LuxuryHousesitting focuses on the luxury house market, although we have come across many moderate houses on the website and have found housesitting assignments for houses of the same range on other housesitting websites as well.

Annual fee: US$25.00 for housesitters, free for homeowners

SabbaticalHomes is geared towards academics who are looking for housesitters while they are going home for the summer or go abroad for a semester, which is why most of the housesits are near universities / in university towns. The site also offers home exchanges, rentals and home shares for academics.

Annual fee: FREE is not a housesitting website per se, but offers a big selection of innkeeper positions, hotel and B&B management jobs and other jobs for couples who want to work together – free lodging is usually included, which is why we decided to include it. Be aware though that the jobs advertised on the site include more responsibilities than a normal housesit.

Annual fee: US$48.00 for housesitters

The Caretaker Gazette is primarily a source for caretaker jobs, but more and more adverts for housesits can be found here, as well. The sits are mainly in the U.S., and you can find a lot of B&B, motel or campsite sits here.

Annual fee: US$29.95

Have we missed any other websites? Please let us know in the comments below!

You can find a more in-depth overview of these twenty websites, including their pros and cons, in our book Break Free – The Ultimate Guide To Housesitting, now available as a pdf download for only $8.99! Over 120 pages packed with everything you need about housesitting, how to find a housesitter or how to get chosen for that dream housesit.

Break Free 2.0




25 thoughts on “The housesitting directory: An overview of all major housesitting websites

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  6. Phoebe

    Hey guys,
    Great list – I’m on three of them already and have found some great house sits. The Canadian one doesn’t seem to work though? I couldn’t find it through googling either. Any ideas?
    I love your blog by the way – helped us a lot in Guatemala!

    1. Dani Post author

      Hi Phoebe, thanks for making me aware of that – I wonder if they discontinued the service or if the site’s just down because of server issues or something like that?! I’ll keep an eye on it and if it’s not back up in two weeks, I’ll remove it from the listing. I hope you’ll be able to find some good gigs through the sites you’re already signed up with 🙂

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    1. Dani Post author

      I know, I’ve been wanting to include Nomador for a while.. time to update the directory 🙂

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  10. Marion

    Hello, I have stumbled over your site last night, looking for more house sitting websites to sign on to.

    I’d like to comment that this new Nomador page is not a good option. While they are shouting about “building trust” etc, they are doing the opposite by demanding you upload your government issued ID.

    I don’t know if in some countries that is being shrugged off, but living in the US as a registered immigrant, I will never ever upload (!!) my Green Card to a website! Who knows who is sitting on the other side and prints it out and sells it to illegals, who commit crimes with my ID then? In the end I would get deported!

    For the same reason my Facebook account has been closed, because FB also got the idea they wanted to see an upload of my ID, and if not, my account stays blocked. So I came to discover life without Facebook, which is actually possible…

    Some of your listed prices are no longer accurate, for example the trusted house sitters (Or was it luxury houses? Don’t know anymore now).

    And some have really bad features which are not helping to get newbies on the site. Like when you need to get reward points (it was called differently) AFTER a sitting that came through that site. Enlisters start out with like 3 points, and those with 5 points get featured. So how will I ever get a full rank of 5 points when I am starting out with 3 points and competing with 5-point-sitters? I have stellar references from previous sittings, but that would not help me to get a good standing there.

    And for such I am supposed to pay money????? No, honestly, that is not a good deal. How will I ever land any sitting through such a system, when I can’t bring in my experiences and references from previous sitting which stemmed from other pages?

    The one page that offers free enlisting for US residents (Housesit World USA) just says on the page “fill in SPECIAL in the payment fields”. Yeah right, where the system wants to see my credit card NUMBER, it will not accept an entry of letters (Special). I have contacted them and asked how that is supposed to work, let’s see if they reply.

    So far I am enlisted (paying for membership) with HousesittersAmerica (which have the best website of all!!!), Mindmyhouse (OK website) and Housecarers (website has issues but it is slowly improving). Since I am only staying within the US, my options are limited, but still I found 3 sits in 3 months so far. 2 of those have rebooked me already for later this year, so I got actually 5 sits out.

    For the $100 paid (20+30+50) not bad at all, especially when each sit is about 2 weeks and in places where I used to spend a fortune for hotels.

    But I am always looking if I can’t find more, so I am searching, and that is how I found your page here.

    Does anybody know what it is about They look a lot like a Facebook-affiliate to me. Since it was free to join, I did that. But it looks a lot like they are phishing for emails there.

      1. Marion

        I just had a quick look and realized that they are Trustedhousesitters with only a new url. They point out that housesitters are coming in for free (so how can I get my costs covered?) and they are charging BOTH parties, sitters and home owners. As I said, it is trustedhousesitters under a new link, that’s all. Try it, when you open the link it even says trustedhousesitters!

  11. Merisha

    How does the trusted house sitters discount work? Is it only for US citizens? Also, it seems as if takes you to housecarers.

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  13. Francis

    I recently joined mindmyhouse, only to find that the first 2 sitting opportunities I applied for had already been filled many weeks earlier. I have tried to contact mindmyhouse but despite sending many messages asking why they are showing listings which are no longer available- they are refusing to reply.
    I can only assume that they continue to show outdated listings in order to exaggerate their website’s opportunities.
    I feel a refund should be offered!

    1. Marion

      I am enlisted on mindmyhouse for the 2nd year now and must say I had landed some nice gigs from that site! I understand what you mean, but it is not the website’s fault if the sitting has been filled and the home owner isn’t taking the ad down.

      How will the website know that these home owners have found a sitter if they don’t take the ads down? They have no way of knowing, because the website has nothing to do with the bookings, they only bring the 2 parties together. So you should complain to the lazy home owners who never cared enough to take their ads down after finding their sitter!

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  15. Kathie

    I’m following the link to get a discount code for, but it just takes me to their normal log-in/registration process. There is an opportunity to enter a promotional code at the payment stage, but I don’t have that code – where do I get it please?


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